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Sample 3 Demonstrating Leadership and Management

Management Philosophy

Description: As part of the class “Intro to the Management of Libraries and Info Agencies,” I had to develop a personal philosophy of management. This emerged as nine management values and a motto, as recorded in this two-page summary.

My Management Philosophy (PDF)

Analysis: Developing a management philosophy forced me to come to terms with who I am as a human being - my strengths and weaknesses both as an individual and in relationship with other people. I discovered that I am a strongly task-based leader striving hard to cultivate relational leadership skills, I realized that my leadership style is anti-ego and anti-competition (to phrase that positively I should say pro-teamwork and pro-collaboration), and I embrace McGreogr's Theory Y of management, which assumes that personal ownership and creativity are more likely to drive results than tight control and standardization.

Reflection: What I take with me as a professional from this assignment is my management motto: “be human.” It really applies equally to management and non-management roles. It helps me to step outside my sometimes-overly-mechanical, process-driven mindset and embrace humanity as it comes. People are messy but they are EVERYthing, especially in a service-oriented industry. Humans, their feelings, and whether they are succeeding at what they set out to do, are what drive a service-oriented professional. I may occasionally forget it in the excitement of an elegantly-designed system or a streamlined process, but remembering to “be human” will help me become an exceptional information professional and a respected, trusted colleague.