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Sample 2 Demonstrating Provision of Information Services

“Five Tips for Research Success” Video

Description: As part of the class “Intro to Information Sources and Services” I worked in a team of hypothetical university reference librarians to create a LibGuide to introduce college freshmen to the research process and to “our library.” We each produced a five-minute video to complement our section of the LibGuide. Since I had the “home” page of the LibGuide I wanted to do more with my video than simply cover the content assigned to me. My video had a two-fold objective: to “win over” freshmen by creating a really positive, helpful and fun first impression of the librarians and our resources, and to provide just enough of a summary of the entire LibGuide to “whet their appetites” to fully consume the resource we had created for them.

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"Five Tips for Research Success" on Prezi

Reflective Presentation on Making of Video and LibGuide

Analysis: The weakness of this video, according to my professor, was that I did not manage my time well, failing to cover the final two of the “five tips” in the course of the video. While I really was thinking strategically about allocating more time to points the LibGuide didn’t cover, and using the final two points to reference related areas of the LibGuide instead of rehashing them, I admit the time allocation of the video feels more sloppy than strategic. On the strengths side, my video was praised for the content being clearly presented, my delivery clear and enthusiastic, my audio narration natural and warm, and for showing a good sense of humor. Even though I did not thoroughly cover all five of my tips in my five-minute video, I believe I accomplished my two-fold objective to “win over” freshmen and to “whet their appetite” to explore the LibGuide.

Reflection: This collaborative libguide and video project really did help me to more clearly see my strengths and interests as an information professional. I went into library school thinking I wanted to be a reference librarian in an academic library - but in taking this class I realized that I was no more interested in the methodical query techniques, the viewing pages and pages of results and wading through hundreds of sources, and the “thinking like the system” than were the students I wanted to help. My passions are service, communication, and creation. I am a generalist, not a specialist, and I will always take the side of the human over the machine. In my team for this project I played more of a role of overall organizer, brainstorming facilitator, and connector rather than subject specialist. My video, in being the gateway into the libguide, in some ways mirrors how I feel about my own relationship to the profession - the enthusiastic greeter, the welcome mat at the front door, the “way in” bringing the positive vibes and  confidence from knowing what the first steps are into what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming undertaking. I realized that if I can help people feel confident and truly supported at the very beginning, they are poised for greater success.