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Information Architecture (IA), Taxonomy, & Informational Design

Taxonomy (faceted classification system)

The instructions for this class assignment were to create a "subject directory" for the web with categories and subcategories to describe web resources on a particular topic. I selected a CSS template and hand-coded a web page to display my 3-tiered, 3-faceted classification system with two additional points of access (search and alphabetical).

Report describing my research methods, construction process, & reflections (PDF)

Database design

While assisting the redevelopment of the Converse College website in 2009, I identified the need for a list of external scholarships to be stored in a sortable database. Previously, they had been in a static HTML table. My team of three designed and implemented this database. With what I know now, I would approach a few things differently - namely, the "Application Deadline" column. Still, it was a huge step forward from static HTML.